Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual Review – Techniques Exposed!!

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basketball jumpIf you are the fan of basketball or volleyball then you have to understand that jumping is the crucial component of these sports. Other than that, jumping is also crucial for those individuals that want to take part in Olympics. But, we all know that it is very difficult to increase jumping. There is always a demand for specific program that targets on increasing vertical jump because conventional training is not enough for increasing vertical jump.


There’s good news for you.

Jacob Hiller created a program called Jump Manual that targets specially on increasing vertical jump. I am sure you already heard the name of this program but now you want to know what is inside this program before getting access to it.

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About Jump Manual:

Jump ManualIt is intense workout program created by professional coach Jacob Hiller for all those people that want to increase their vertical jump. In this program Jacob Hiller shared secret strategy that can increase vertical jump by up to 10 inches. Additionally, Jacob shared ‘quick-fix’ technique that can increase 4 inches in vertical jump instantly.

There are many programs available these days but these programs targets only one or two fundamental of vertical jump. However, inside Jump Manual you will discover nine fundamentals for vertical jump. This is what that makes this program top in his category. The nine fundamental that Jacob Hiller explained in the first chapter of this manual are: Quickness, Strength, Neurological Recruitment and Condition, Fuel, Stability and Balance, Form, Flexibility, Body Composition and Hereditary Factors.

In the Chapter 4 of this guide you will find the list of foods that contribute towards making bones and muscles strong. These foods also increase flexibility and quickness that contributes towards jumping higher. Jacob Hiller also explained how to create your own portable nutrition plan that you can carry anywhere.

The most important chapter of this whole program is Chapter 8 because in this section you will discover workouts that are especially targeted toward increasing the vertical jump. Jacob also provided workout instructional videos that can help you to perform these exercises carefully.

Although this program targets specifically to Basketball/Volleyball/Athlete players but other individuals that want to increase vertical jump can get help from this program.

Jacob Hiller did great work by creating short video presentation that will explain more about this program. Watch Jacob Hiller’s video below:

Jump manual video

About Jacob Hiller:

Jacob Hiller

Jacob Hiller

Jacob Hiller is the creator of this program and he is also coached Basketball teams, professional dunk group and Olympics athletes. He also appeared on popular sports channel ESPN.

Jacob Hiller was basketball player but throughout his career he struggled to increase the jump with the conventional training. After he retired from Basketball, he invested numerous hours in researching about how human body works and body parts that contribute during jumping.

How Jump Manual Works?

This is the 12-weeks jump increasing program that starts by providing the science behind jumping and body parts that are crucial for jumping. After that users will find nutrition section where they will find out nutrients and minerals that play important role in jumping. The foods that Jacob provided in this section make bones strong and increase the flexibility which is one of the components of vertical jumping.

Jacob Hiller also created support page especially for the users of this program where they can seek help from the team behind the program. Users will also get access to ‘Elite Jumpers Forum’ where they can interact with others users and ask questions from other users. The biggest benefit that Jacob Hiller provides is the 30-days one on one consulting where users can talk with Jacob Hiller.

All in all, I can say that this program is best for all those people that are already in some sort of sports or have ability to engage in it. It is important to people with heart problems to seek physique advice before starting this program.

download jump manual


Step-by-Step Training:

Jacob divided this professionally that make it possible for anyone to get engage into this program and start following program instantly. All the information available in this program is in step-by-step way that makes it easy for everyone to follow it without any problem.

Professional Advice:

Jacob Hiller is very famous basketball coach that helped professional dunk group and athletes in increasing their vertical jump. Beside this, Jacob is also the former basketball player and he knows how to increase vertical jump. Jacob Hiller can easily charged hundreds of dollars for this professional program but for a limited time he is offering his program only at $67.

One-on-One Coaching:

Jacob Hiller offering one-on-one coaching for very limited time. Make sure you grab the copy of Jump Manual before this offer ends. Through one-on-one coaching you will get personal email of Jacob Hiller where you can talk with him or ask questions from him.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee:

Jacob Hiller is offering full 60-days money back guarantee with this program because he has full confidence in his program and know anyone who apply it with full dedication can get can results from it.

No Gym Membership:

The exercises that Jacob Hiller explained inside this program can easily be done at home. These exercises focus on working with your own body weight that is the main reason you can perform these exercises anywhere.

Portable Nutrition Plan:

Most of us are living with very much busy schedule and can’t invest separate time for nutrition plan. For this reason, Jacob explained how to build portable nutrition plan that you can carry anywhere.


Available Only Online:

Jacob provided all the information in secret membership page so there is no PDF file that you can download and read anywhere. You have to access membership area every time you want to read the information.

Not a ‘Miracle’ Pill:

We always want to get overnight results and most of us don’t understand results take time. Jump Manual is the step-by-step vertical jump increasing program that takes some time.

Customer Reviews:

Jacob Hiller’s program is gaining positive feedback from all over the world. Recently Jacob Hiller did Skype chat with one of his program user who gained additional 4.5 inches in just 5 days. Here is the screenshot:

jump manual testimonials

Final Verdict:

Research proved that with proper training, muscle can supply extra power necessary when body moves in upward direction. Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual is selected as best vertical training program by ‘Fadeaway’ magazine because Jacob shared techniques and strategy that are proven to increase vertical jump.

If you want to increase your vertical jump then I recommend you Jump Manual!!

the jump manual

Free Report:

Jacob Hiller created a short report that will teach you how to increase your vertical jump in just 45 minutes. This is just a small part of the whole program. Read this report below: